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Morning Tech Report for November 18, 2016

Tech Giant Struggle to Define Role in our Lives

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey
This week’s tech news has been dominated by discussions about Facebook’s role in disseminating fake news, what responsibility, if any, they have to curb the sharing of fake news, and the very nature of what kind of service Facebook is. These struggles extend beyond Facebook as other tech giants face similar questions.

Twitter’s White Supremacist Problem

witter this week band several high-profile alt-right/white nationalist/white supremacist profiles. Shortly thereafter, Twitter had to apologize for running a white supremacist ad.

Google’s Banned User Problem

Google suspended some users for breaking terms of service by reselling Google Pixel phones and avoiding taxes. While a clear violation and a smarmy thing to do, Google is so integrated into our digital lives that the consequences of a suspended Google account can be devastating.

The Vue is Good From Here

Sony has quietly made a kick-ass streaming service available on multiple platforms.

Made in the USA

Lots of chatter today about Apple building iPhones in the United States. ZDNet dives deep into the logistics of such a move.

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