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Samsung Wins Big, Yahoo Can't Win: Tech News for Jan 24 2017

Netflix Results, Twitter Fabric Goes Google: Jan 19 2017 Tech News

FTC vs Qualcomm, Google + Revives: Tech News for Jan 18 2017

SpaceX Succeeds, AT&T Flails and Rubin Returns: Tech News for Jan 16 2017

Nintendo Switch, MS StaffHub and Google Maps: Tech News for Jan 13, 2017 |

Mac Battery Life, Ronja, Nintendo Switch Zelda: Jan 11, 2017 Tech News

Apple AR, A Google Car and Alitaba Who? Tech News for Jan 10 2017

Morning Tech Report: Tech News for January 9, 2017

Morning Tech Report for January 3, 2017

News Bomb With the end of the holiday season and the beginning of CES, yesterday saw an explosion of news. Instead of the usual analysis of the top five stories, today I am linking the ten top stories of yesterday, a mixture of typical tech news and product announcements. Here we go. How Facebook Learns About Your Offline
 You probably know that the social network uses your profile to serve ads it thinks you’ll like — but it also draws on a lot of information it gathers from offline data brokers.

Morning Tech Report for January 2, 2017

My Tech Predictions Hello 2017 Happy new year. What better way to start the new year than some tech predictions from yours truly. In my latest article over at aNewDomain, I lay out three bold (crazy?) predictions for Apple, Google and Nintendo. Tech Predictions 2017: Here's What's Ahead for Google, Apple, Nintendo ...
Apple is going to cram too much into the iPhone 8, predicts technologist Mike Olsen. Check out his 2017 tech…
Speaking of 2017 Four great predictions from ZDNet. The 4 tech trends that will shape 2017, predicted by ZDNet editors | ZDNet
As we do each week, the editors of ZDNet will continue to put our heads together in 2017 and give you our weekly Monday…